Happy Father's Day! Hey There! Today is Father's Day and we celebrate all the men that have touched our lives. I celebrate my father, my step father, my father in law and my husband. They are all loving men who have created memories, been great teachers, had patience and made sacrifices. They have been goofy, caring, funny and supportive. Best of all, they have always made time for children and family!

To these special men, I thank you for touching my life in so many ways and for also touching others' lives when someone was in need. I know men who have given of themselves to other's children because they are just special people. Coaches, teachers or a friend...these men have been an inspiration to those around them.

I hope you are celebrating with those you love today. If you can't be with them, at least you can think of them and remembering fun times! I just loved this picture when I saw it! I thought it was perfect for today!

Enjoy the pineapples of your eye throughout the week!
See you soon,

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