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Friends Stephannie, Nancy, Diana, (Me) and Linda at a round robin fundraiser.

Hey there! Many of you know that we carry Scout bags at The Posh Pineapple. But you may not know why...As a tennis player, every couple of years I have to replace my tennis bag. It's always a little bit of a chore, because most bags are just the generic not-so-cute-or-feminine-for-that-matter bags. So, usually after putting it off awhile...the journey begins.

There are several things I always look for in a tennis bag. First and foremost, it must be cute...hello! Second, I look for functionality and durability. The last time I changed my tennis bag was about 4 years ago. I was on the hunt and shopped local stores and online. I couldn't find what I wanted, so I decided to see what other players were carrying. So, I watched ladies at the tennis courts to "shop" their bags!

Most of what I saw didn't pass my test (meaning most weren't cute) until I saw a lady coming my way who had the the cutest bag I had ever seen! I stopped her and asked what kind of tennis bag she was carrying. I mean was super cute! She told me it wasn't a "tennis" bag, but a "Scout" bag. She raved about how it was actually the perfect bag for tennis! She had gotten in at a local boutique, so of course, I rearranged my afternoon and headed their way. I left with this great bag and was very excited! It was just what I was looking for...colorful, cute and had pockets everywhere to catch all my "stuff". And you can tell by the picture, I have lots to tote to the courts with me. I wouldn't want to "need" anything and not "have" it.

I have used the bag ever since and have been stopped myself to answer the question, "What kind of bag is that?" Since then, I purchased 2 more totes that I have used a lot. Seriously, the totes are my go-to bags most of the time. I have seen the quality, durability and the value of them...I love the bags. They are well thought out as far as pockets and design. They are also very colorful and have cute, up-to-date patterns. There are different styles...small and large. They make coolers, totes and accessory bags (that are irresistible!). I am thinking, they must have been designed by a woman! The best thing about them is they are made with some recycled material (bonus!). I have thrown mine in trunks, on the beach, on clay courts, in the name it. The bags has been in the sun more than in the shade. They haven't ripped or faded. Have I mentioned...I love the bags?!

When my mother and I decided to open The Posh, I knew we had to carry the Scout line of bags. I was thrilled to become an authorized Scout retailer. Not everyone is familiar with the line, but I sure do love to hear women's excitement when they come into the store and recognize the brand. Those of you who have met a Scout bag know what I am talking about!

We just got new bags in this week and they are adorable. There are great styles, sizes and color palattes. I want one, but am having a hard time choosing. I am thinking about one of the travel bags...I need more of those. Not really, but I can't resist (they fold flat!)! I guess I really am the bag lady!

I would love to know how many of you have Scout bags and hear your story about your bag. Just comment below and let us all know!

Have a Posh day,

PS - We have a gift with purchase going on right now with Scout! With every $50 Scout purchase, you get a free shopper tote. It has minty green anchors on it with accents in yellow and navy. You'll love it just as much as the rest of the line!


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