Oh how I used to pretend with Mama's vintage pieces!

I have always loved sparkle. It could be the stars in a dark sky, flashy clip on earrings my grandmother wore (she was nice enough to let me try them on occasionally) or just plain old glitter and glue on a project...I just love sparkle!

Sparkly (I'm so glad that's a word) things just make people smile. It's my theory that every outfit and every room needs glitz. It might be a little or it might be a lot, but there needs to be some.

Most of you know that we just had Girl's Night Out on Canal Street. I was in awe over the glitz and glamour! It was everywhere! First, as I always do for a party, I sprinkled just a little silver glitter on the sidewalk in front of The Posh. Well, I meant to sprinkle a little, but the more I sprinkled the more I thought I needed. It was pretty and I couldn't wait for the daylight to turn to darkness. The glitter catches lights from all angles and simply flickers like a million little diamonds when people walk by. Yes, some always ends up inside, but who cares?

The ladies loved the glitter. Some saw it immediately as they walked up. Some stood around and admired it on their way out. I loved hearing them comment about it! (On the other hand, Todd's expression on Monday morning when he was going out to sweep was, "Oh my! You should see all the glitter outside!") He didn't realize I had purposely sprinkled happiness on the sidewalk. But, I'm thinking he even liked it!

Second, the ladies were adorned with glitz. I didn't remember this from last year's GNO. Maybe it was because we had just opened and I was overwhelmed with how many people were actually in the store! Anyway, seriously, there were big hoop rhinestone earrings, tote bags with bedazzled elf's legs, large crystally (just made that a word) Christmas brooches, jeweled Christmas sweaters and even shoes with tinsel on them. I wished I could have gotten pics of all the ladies. There would have been no need to use a flash!

I'm not sure why people like the shimmer. I think it's as simple as it makes people smile. Young or old, tall or short, sassy or not...it's something we all can enjoy. I have told my children for years...even when I'm old and feeble, (and they are taking care of me, hopefully)...there are only 4 simple things I want them to do for me:

1. Make sure I always have lipstick on and make sure it's actually on my lips (not bleeding outside of the lip line). This is a must, I don't like my lips to be dry.

2. Take me to the beach often, AND my toes need to touch the sand. (Don't just drive me by the ocean)

3. I want a Slurpee. Make it coke and make it large.

4. I've saved the best for last...Make sure I am always wearing something with sparkle. Earrings, nail polish or even shiny lips will do, but please make it happen.

I hope everyone has a little glimmer and glitz in your holiday season! Remember, "she who leaves a trail of glitter, will never be forgotten"! And that's my plan...


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