Valentine's Day has always been fun! I remember the days back in elementary school when we used to make our "Valentine box". We used a shoe box, construction paper, stickers and maybe some glitter, if you were lucky! It was fun to make and even more fun to see it full of little pink, white and red envelopes that your classmates had addressed to me. I loved going through them all and reading them. I also loved picking out my own boxed Valentine cards from the store (I could always narrow it down to 2 designs, but usually had a hard time choosing just the "right" one!) I took my time selecting one for each classmate and of course, my bffs got the "better"cards in the bunch!

Any hoo, I will fast forward to what I was going to write about. (Sorry I got off track, I love reminiscing!) The Posh Pineapple has some great gifts for your Valentines! Here are the top 5:

The Posh Pineapple's Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts

1. Love You More pillow - This will be a great reminder propped up on someone's bed or favorite chair to remind them daily how much you care!

2. Jewelry - Who doesn't love jewelry? We have beautiful pendants and charms...hearts, initials and crosses. And we just got in a 40 pound box full of necklaces, earrings and bracelets! This means The Posh has a lot to choose from, it may be hard to choose!

3. Totes - Choose from many colors and designs! We have small ones to carry a few things or large ones for those of us who love to carry everything including the kitchen sink! (You know who you are!)

4. Candles - They are romantic and fragrant. All of our candles are soy based and burn cleanly. You will love them. PS - We have one called "Holiday Seduction"!

5. Posh Gift Cards - Let your special one come shop for themselves! From personal items to beautiful things for the home...they will have fun shopping!

Of course, you always leave The Posh Pineapple with your purchases in a gorgeous bag, need to wrap! Ladies, let your love know that we will have him out the door with his gifts ready to give. No wrapping or fuss after he leaves us!

Enjoy your day and we hope to see you soon!


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