My great grandparents, Dentzel and Frances enjoy NSB!

Happy Spring! March has been so fun at The Posh Pineapple! Actually, all the months are fun, but March has always been my favorite. First of's my birthday month. Second, it's the month when everyone starts enjoying the beach again. Anyone remember getting so excited for it to finally be warm enough for a bathing suit (ugh!)? We used to rush to get on the beach and then we would freeze? The sun was warm, but the air was cold! True Florida girls! Lastly, it's the month one of my favorite flower blooms, the azalea. They are gorgeous, especially the larger older bushes.

My family has always had salt water running through their veins, so I come by it naturally. This is a picture of my maternal great grandparents on the beach in front of The Breakers on Flagler Avenue. Their little dog was named Petey (evidently birds and dogs are given the popular name) and he looks like he enjoyed himself, too! They lived in Florida, but were seasonal residents here. My grandmother, Mama, grew up loving NSB and eventually lived on Flagler Avenue. She and I spent countless hours sitting on the beach, swimming (really floating) in the water and walking the inlet. We never knew what treasures we would find along the shore. She is the one who taught me that "saltwater heals everything". I believed her then...and I believe her now.

I hope you all are getting ready to hit the water somewhere! Whether you live in warmer climates or have to travel to shake the chilly weather....hurry up and get your toes in the sand! It does wonders for your soul! Spring is in the air and I am so happy to have sandy feet and to be wearing my flip flops!

To all the locals, snow birds, spring breakers and weekenders...Thanks for coming into The Posh and visiting. Your support means the world to us. The Poshettes love to see your smiling faces!

I hope you have a sunny (and sandy) Posh week,

PS - Say goodbye to sweaters and hello to beach weather!


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