To Market! To Market!

Hello again! As excited I was for the holidays, I secretly couldn't wait for them to be over so January 5th would get here. What was on that day, you ask? Some of the Poshettes and I went to Atlanta to attend the Home and Gift Show at the market! My goal was to find new lines and products to bring into the Posh Pineapple. I wanted to find things that were new and different, colorful and happy...things that would make us all smile. And I think I did...

Sue, Cynthia and Ashley (my sunshine and my daughter) went with me. We packed our most comfortable walking shoes and were ready for of lots of fun and lots of s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g! Our mornings started at 8:30 when we met to walk to the market (in the freezing cold, I might add! Burr!) Once there, we "checked in" by flashing our badges and started the process of covering 3 huge buildings, with a total of 56 floors and I don't know how many showrooms! With this amount of floor to cover, we had to have a plan.

I spent time before market perusing the list of showrooms to see which ones we definitely wanted to attend. As we made our way to each of these showrooms, there were lots of goodies in between to check out. According to my pedometer, we walked an average of 3 miles a day (although we felt like it was more!). Our days ended at local restaurants with local cuisine...eating, laughing and relaxing (did I mention the wine?). We would walk back to our hotel (again, in the colder, freezing cold...felt like 1 degree...burr...hello...we are from Florida!) and call it a night so we could do it all over again the next day.

We met lots of great people and found some wonderful new additions for the Posh. I love working with small mom and pop companies, and am glad to say I found some great products made by some wonderful people that will be arriving soon. They have inspirational stories as to how they came to be where they are today. They love what they do and I love all of that!

We also ordered new and exciting things from some of our favorite lines...Spartina, Lenny and Eva, Tyler and ReWined Candles, Compendium books and Caren lotions... to name a few!

So, let me tell you what we found! Let's start with jewelry - We bought lots of it! From chunky pieces, to light layering pieces, you'd think I had a jewelry store with all the things I ordered! Oh, and there are one of a kind pieces that are hand made that are already here! I was thrilled to find them!

Bags - My friends and family have called me the bag lady for years, so naturally, there will be more colorful, fun and even some glitzy bags on the way! Purses, clutches, wristlets and they come! You all seem to have the same philosophy as I do, "You can't have too many bags!"

Things for the home - We all love our homes, it's where we spend time with family and friends. We have some great pieces coming for you and yours to enjoy relaxing, celebrating and just being cozy at home. In fact, some has just arrived and more is on it's way!

So, to sum it up...we had a fabulous trip and can't wait until the next market! We had such fun on the entire trip. From meeting new vendors, to finding just the right things, to seeing the products go out the door with you all...I love the journey The Posh Pineapple takes me on!

Of course, there's more I could share, but I think I will keep some things a get into the Posh to see what's new! And check back often, they will be coming in "in waves" (of course!) Now to figure out where to put all of these things...they will all be here soon!

PS - There are some new lines you have been asking for...they are on the way! We are about to burst with excitement! Stay tuned!!


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