I have to tell you....I love my team! I call them "The Poshettes". People ask us all the time, "How long have you known each other?" and "Are you related?" I know these questions must come from the rapport we have with each other. We are a bunch of fun loving, let's-make-it-a-great-day kind of group! We have a good time together inside and outside of The Posh Pineapple.

Lining up the Poshettes was one of the first and most important things I did when the store was just a thought. It was important to me to have a smiling, happy team, who genuinely cared about people. I wanted a team who would be able to sprinkle a little happy into our customer's day when they came into the store.

The Posh Pineapple team

So, I'd like to introduce you to The Poshettes...
1. Well, that is me...I married my high school sweetheart, Steve, and we have 2 children, Joshua and Ashley. They are both in college and I love it when we can all be together. It's been my dream, ever since I was a child and played store in my closet, to have a boutique of my own. After my kids went to college, I knew it was time...

2. Sharon - This is my beautiful friend and mother. She and I swirled up the idea of the Posh Pineapple and have had fun with every aspect. She has taught me how to work hard, how to be a good mother and how to enjoy every day that you are given. She is our "Head Poshette" and on busy days will be there to make sure all the bags are Posh before they leave the store.

3. Ashley - No bias here. She is the sweetest, most loving, gifted daughter ever! Have you seen her chocolate chip eyes? She will be working at The Posh when she is home for the holidays. Ashley goes to Auburn University (War Eagle!) and is majoring in Fashion Merchandising. Have I mentioned, she is home for the holiday?! :)

4. Marnie - She and I met in sixth grade in a typing class (who remembers those?). We went to high school and college together (Go Knights!). We were in each other's weddings and raised our kids together (one of her sons was shocked when he found out I wasn't his "real" aunt!). She does all the bookkeeping and and every other "behind the scenes" thing you can think of. She also works the sales floor and has been a fun friend for 30 years!

5. Megan - I met her at just the right time. She was referred to The Posh by her aunt, who is a friend of mine. We needed more help in the store when her aunt contacted me. I actually cried after interviewing her. I thought she was a perfect fit to our Posh family. She is talented in the ways of photography (she takes most of our product pics), she works the sales floor, is a significant part of our website team. She also helps create and design our product emails. It was wonderful to have found someone who fit into the puzzle perfectly!

6. Margie - Well, I like to call her a "party about yay high"...and my hand goes up to about a five foot marking. Our daughters cheered together in high school. That is how we met. She keeps us laughing and if you have been in the store, you know that she has never met a stranger. When she is working, one of our favorite giggles is that she provides customers with "a little shopping and a little entertainment!" She is hilarious and if you're lucky, you may catch a glimpse of her do a little dance jig if she thinks no one is looking. Actually she doesn't really care if anyone is looking! Margie loves working the sales floor, is a significant part of our website team and is also always working on marketing for The Posh.

7. Mary - I have known Mary since she was in the fourth grade. I have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman and it has been fun. She shares my same birthday, so we have always had a special bond. She goes to Catholic University and is a Nursing major. She worked at The Posh over the summer and will be working during the holidays...Yay! We call her the "floor queen". She also helps us with our product photography.

8. Sue - Sue is Mary's mother. She and I met 12 years ago because we have children the same ages. She helps us on the weekends on the sales floor is a member of our design team. She helped me set up the original design of the store. She loves moving the inventory around and getting creative with displays. In fact, she found several of our large display pieces for us on craigslist, drove 30 miles to inspect and pay for the pieces while I was out of town. She is flat out funny with her one liners, so come by if you need a good laugh!

9. Todd - You'll only catch a glimpse of Todd here and there. He is our go-to guy that can do it all! He helps us do all the manly things in the shop...change light bulbs that are sky high on the ceiling, keep our stockroom organized and 'anything maintenance' has his name on it. And PS - the birds love him!

10. Maddy - She is our high school student 'intern'. Her mother loves to shop at The Posh and that is how we met her. She works on the sales floor on the weekends. She can wrap the perfect package! She is sweet, smart (she just made National Honor Society!), and all around lovable!

11. Cynthia - She is the Poshette you only see on occasion. She was my partner in crime when I first went to market. We walked for miles and literally shopped until we dropped! We had a ball! She is a graphic artist who has helped me with our logo, invitations to store events, t-shirt designs and anything else I have needed. She is also part of our design team..she loves to come and "play" in the store when we are moving inventory around.

There you have it...a magical, wonderful family of talented women (and one man!) who make up The Posh. I am grateful for them all and I tell them all the time. Comment below and let us know if you have been into The Posh Pineapple to say hello! :)


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