We all have our favorites! Check out our top picks at The Posh Pineapple! Hey there! I hope everyone is enjoying the first part of summer! We just got in more new merchandise and it's always fun getting it out onto the floor. Usually things have to be moved around (which we love) and we enjoy people coming in and hearing their comments.

One of the questions I get asked alot is "What is your favorite thing in the store?" It's a really hard question, because I love it all! I am the buyer, so simply put...if I didn't love it, I wouldn't buy it. You know I try to keep things eclectic, fresh and new and different from other stores. My mind never stops thinking about how to make The Posh Pineapple better for everyone who enters. (I refer to it as "lots of pineapples in my head"! Lol!)

The Poshette's Favorite Things

So, since I really do love it all, I have narrowed my answer down to two things (both are shown in pic #1 above). I chose these things because one of the reasons we opened the store was to give back to the community. Besides numerous donations of items used for charitable events around town, we have had two products that we have sold in the store and online to raise money for causes. I have been touched by the generosity of wonderful people who have purchased simply to help out.

The first one was Nina's Gift. It is a body cream that was designed for my friend, Nina, who had ALS. She was beautiful inside and out and was an inspiration to all who knew her. She chose the scent, color and name of the lotion. Unfortunately she passed away before she got to see it, but all proceeds from the sale of Nina's Gift go to the ALS Assocation in Orlando in memory of her.

The second fundraiser we have done is going on right now. A friend and former Poshette, Jill, lost her home in a fire in May. She and her family can replace the material things, but they lost their dog, Daisy, and also some special family items. Jill is known at The Posh for her smile (and her baking!) and when asked how she was doing, would respond, "Life if good!". So...when we decided to do a t-shirt to help out the family, it had to reflect Jill's positive way of thinking. The t-shirts are a Carolina blue and they say, "Life is good in NSB" on the back. We have men and women's sizes, and they are selling quickly! All proceeds will go directly to the Ascherl family. (We even dotted the i in the word "is" in a little daisy, in memory of Daisy.)

Anyway, I thought it would be fun for this blog to pass this question on to The Poshettes! I asked them what their favorite thing in the store is and why. Some knew right away and some had to decide between a couple of things. I had a feeling what each Poshette would pick, but some surprised me! It was fun to guess ahead of time and see what they chose. Here's what they said...

Marnie (pic #2) - "My favorite is the Spartina jewelry line. I like that it's all 18kt gold plated and the way you can mix and match different pieces." I'd like to add that Spartina's jewelry is always pretty, up to date, a good price point and sometimes can be glitzy (which is another reason I think Marnie likes it!)

Megan (pic #3) - "Rewined candles combine 2 of my favorite things- candles and wine (hello!) I love a fun idea, a great product and cute packaging. Rewined Candles got it right on all three counts! They meaningfully recycle old wine bottles into something that is so real and beautiful. Not to mention, every single one of their wine inspired scents are divine! They are the perfect gift for wine lovers, candle lovers, or for those who love all things green. Cheers!"

Stephanie (pic #4) - "I love the Scout bags! This is THE bag for the girl on the go! From beach totes to lunch coolers to my flying carry-on, Scout always lets you travel in style. And how can you not love their dog logo, too?!"

Maddy (pic #5) - "My favorite thing in the store are the Lenny and Eva bracelets. They fit so many different personality types and styles. I love how versatile and stylish they are! They make great gifts because of that!!"

Sue (pic #6) - "I love our Christian inspired jewelry. Each piece has such meaning and the inspirational message cards that accompany each piece makes them the perfect gift!"

Mary (pic #7) - "One of my favorite Posh products is the Caren Pretty Sport body lotion. The fun, flowery fragrance is a summer necessity! With added aloe vera, it is the perfect moisturizer after a long day at the beach."

Sharon (my mother, pic #8) - "I am having a hard time choosing, but I do LOVE my Bosom Buddy bag that I got at The Posh! I get compliments on it everywhere I go! The bags are beautiful, each is different with ribbons and adornments. Mine has a black ribbon and a starfish on it. I am amazed at how durable the bag is. We have a great selection of these bags!"

And last, but not least, Ashley (my baby, pic #9) - "I love all of our florals! I especially love the oversized ones. I want one of each! The colors are beautiful, they definitely make a statement in any room!"

So come in and see what all this buzz is about! We look forward to seeing your smiling faces!

Have a great week,

PS - You can order your own Nina's Gift Body Cream and "Life is Good in NSB" t-shirts at The Posh Pineapple! 


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