The event: Girls Night Out on Canal Street

The date: Last December

Oh what fun it was! Last December during the Thursday evening Girls Night Out, there was dancing in the streets. Seriously, ladies were dancing right in the middle of Canal Street! We were told that the event in the past "was fun" and the store would be "busy". But...we had no idea what we were in for!

I prepared for the night by buying wine (lots of it, I didn't want to run out) and some fun finger foods. The store looked great and the Poshettes gussied up with tinselly (is that a word?) garland worn around our necks like a scarf and big smiles on our faces. We...were...READY!

Then the fun started. There must have been millions of lights in the trees, in store fronts and on light poles up and down Canal Street. There were musicians dotted in front of stores creating a magical evening. It was beautiful!

Smiling women started waltzing into the store. They chatted and laughed and shopped. They hummed to the music, drank and ate. It became apparent to us, they were not only shopping, but they were having fun...and lots of it! The store was full of holiday cheer, literally! It was a fabulous feeling!

Women have been talking about and looking forward to this event for months. We told Megan (who wasn't here last year), "Get ready!". We told her about wearing the garland which we claim "makes you the party!" and she kinda just looked at us. We got the box of garland out to show her exactly what we were talking about and it was obvious that one of the strands had a little more fun last year than the rest. The green garland...let's say...had some pieces missing, well actually, as you can see from the picture...bald is a better word! Margie put it on and we all laughed hysterically! Between the tinselly (I've decided that it is a word) green fluff half missing and her facial expression, it was a riot!

We can't wait for tomorrow night! We hope you will be a part of the fun. If you are lucky enough to be in NSB for this magical evening, be sure to stop into The Posh Pineapple to jing a little jingle! (And to see who is wearing the balding garland!)

The way we see it, Happy Hour is every hour at The Posh. :)

PS - Comment below to cast your vote for who will be wearing the balding garland this year! Hmmm...


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