Bosom Buddy Bag

A gorgeous Bosom Buddy Bag before and after Eloise chewed it.

Hey Everyone! I haven't had time to blog lately and I have missed it! We love talking to people and hearing everyone's stories, and this one took the cake! I couldn't wait to share it with you all!

One day Stephanie came back to my office and said, "We need your help, you've got to see this bag,". I walked out to our cash wrap and a customer, Susan, was standing there with a beautiful Bosom Buddy bag sitting up on the counter. It looked odd and it took me a second to figure out why...the handles were there, but not together. They were broken apart and there were 4 straps just kinda here, there and everywhere! I looked at Susan and said, "Oh no, what happened?" She responded, "Please help save Eloise!". I'm thinking, "Who is Eloise?"

Susan explained that she has a new puppy, Eloise, and she had been chewing on everything. Susan said her husband loved Eloise, but was becoming "a little" tired of all of the mishaps. I'm guessing the handles on this beautiful Bosom Buddy bag felt good on Eloise's teeth...they are soft, the perfect size and evidently the dog has good taste!

So, I took the bag and contacted Bosom Buddy. They were very gracious! They obviously had dealt with this kind of thing before...I had to send a picture of the damaged bag to see if they could repair it. Their response was, "It looks like someone got a new puppy!". They said they would be happy to fix the bag. They did a great job with the new handles! (Side note: I love working with good companies!)

Susan came in within 30 minutes of me calling her to tell her we had the bag at The Posh. She was excited to get it back. I asked her how sweet Eloise was doing. Her response...."Her cuteness saves her everyday! We now call her Helloise!" LOL!

I'm sure Helloise loves her new name as much as her first. She looks like a princess on that beautiful couch!

I hope everyone has an Eloise kind of week!

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