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Super easy Cream Cheese Appetizer! Hey Everyone! Fall is in the air (as slight as it may be!) and I love it! This is the time of year when people want to get out of the house and enjoy doing outdoorsy things. People have been out walking and enjoying all the shops and restaurants that Canal Street's historic district has to offer.

It seems people are starting to entertain with the change in the weather. A friend asked me the other day if I had a quick "snacky" recipe that would be good for a spur of the moment get together, but wasn't chips and dip. I thought for a minute and after laughing out loud... I told her I did. Her question reminded me of a funny story...and a great recipe!

You know the chain emails you get? I don't really like them, but another friend had sent me one a few years ago. I usually just hit "delete" to make it go away, but this time I didn't. It was a recipe sharing email. The directions were to think of a simple, delicious recipe that you A) could remember without looking it up and B) you probably had the ingredients on hand without going to the store.

Hmm...I had just been to a luncheon and everyone was raving about this one appetizer. The lady who brought it proudly recited the simple recipe and people were impressed! So easy, and so good! So, I thought I'd give this chain letter a whirl and maybe, just maybe, I'd get a few good recipes (and don't forget easy, which I love!) from the "chain".

Anyway, I quickly typed up my recipe and sent it to the 2 names I was supposed to. I looked forward to getting recipes sent to me, but I never did :(. I guess others were quicker to hit the delete button! No biggie.

It wasn't until about 2 weeks later, I realized that one of the names I sent my recipe to was the general manager and chef of one of Orlando's most popular event and dining establishments! My face turned red in my own living room when I realized it! Thank you, Nancy, (my sweet friend who sent me the chain letter and knew she was putting this gentleman's name on the list for me to send him an easy peasy recipe)! I'm sure he got a big kick out of it...a block of cream cheese with jelly over it! And I'm sure he liked my tip...he probably got a laugh out of that, too!

Regardless, I mention "the wonderful recipe I gave him" when I see him and we both laugh. However, it is a delish recipe that is super easy. I hope you enjoy it!

Cream Cheese and Red Pepper Jelly Spread

  • 1 (8 oz) block of cream cheese, softened
  • 1 small jar of hot red pepper jelly
  • Crackers - I like Ritz

Place the cream cheese in a shallow bowl or platter just big enough for it (there should be a little wiggle room around it). Pour the red pepper jelly over the top, letting it pool a little over the sides of the cream cheese.

Set aside any remaining jelly so you can replenish it if needed. I like to put the cream cheese bowl/platter in the middle of a larger serving platter and put the crackers around the cream cheese bowl. Tip: Be sure not to put the crackers and cream cheese on the same platter. I did and the jelly runs down into the crackers. :) Yum! Now get out and enjoy the weather!

I hope you all have a easy peasy week,

PS - As embarassed as I was, I have often wondered if he actually renamed the recipe and put it on his hors d'oeuvres list! I'm going with "yes".


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