Sock Party

Whimsical and mismatched (on purpose!) socks are fun to wear!

Hey there! When I was at the Atlanta Market, I came across these adorable socks! I fell in love with them immediately! I'm usually cold, so I have always loved socks. I have a drawer full of them...colorful, neutral, classic white, themed, patterned, plain, ankle, knee high and let's not forget the ones with pom poms on the back (just one pair, but I love those!).

My children grew up having "sock parties". It was just a fun thing to do with or without friends over. The rules were simple..wear socks that didn't match! Seriously, it made whatever you were doing even more fun. (If you added chocolate chip cookies, that added to the fun, too!)

When I saw these colorful socks, I knew we had to have them at The Posh Pineapple! Not only are they unique and adorable, there are other reasons to love these socks. They are knit in the USA and they are made with recycled cotton yarn. Love! They are so soft and comfortable, they can be worn all year long. They make fabulous gifts!

The adult sizes come as a pair. The children's sizes come in sets of 3. How ingenious is that? Three socks...not 2, in case the dryer eats one! So treat yourself and a friend or loved one to a pair of these fun socks. You'll smile the entire time you are wearing them! See you at The Posh!

I hope you have a colorful week,

PS - I love their motto, "Life is too short to wear matching socks!"


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