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Cheryl sporting her favorite (and ever so popular) little bag!

Hey there! A few years back, my hubby and I attended a wedding at a beautiful resort on an island on Florida's west coast. While there, I visited a boutique who had the absolute cutest little purse I had ever seen. I didn't buy it because I have a gazillion purses and bags. I mean, really, every size and every color. I've told you before, my friends call me the bag lady! Anyway, we left the island and returned to the "real world" without the purse.

That little purse kept talking to me. You know what I mean, when you go into a store and really like something, but don't buy just will not get out of your head! We've all done it! And, there were many times I thought I could have used it if I would have just bought it.

A year later, I took my mother to the resort for her birthday. I couldn't wait to get settled into our room and get into that cute little boutique! I was hoping the little purse that had been on my mind was going to be there! I vowed to snatch it up and quiet the notion that had been bugging me for what seemed like for-e-ver!

Yay! They had several designs to choose from! I was thrilled! I literally moved into the little bag right away to go shopping with my daughter and have never moved out of it. Yes, I thought I needed everything that I carried in my traditional handbags. All I needed were 3 lipstick (probably the most important thing), my credit card and my cell phone. I actually hid my "real" purse in my car and carted it around for a month...just in case. You know what? I never once went in to it..I was quite surprised.

I can't tell you how many times a day I get compliments on this bag. Everywhere I go, people love it! Seriously, all the time. I have one friend that I see on occasion. Every time she sees my purse, she grabs it, opens it and looks to see what's inside. She can't believe I can fit what I need in it! She is always gasping and saying, "I just couldn't do it!" I think she could!

/,p>So, of course, The Posh Pineapple carries these bags. They are handmade in Bali and are approximately 3 1/2 h x 6 w x 2 1/2 d. We have them in the store and also on our website. You will love this little bag! They are great to use at art shows, shopping trips or any other time you just need the necessities! Click here to get yours!

I hope you have a Posh week!

PS - Which is your favorite?
PPS - If you're a local, make sure you get into The Posh to register for our Spring Fling Giveaways!


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