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How many days a week do you conduct a fashion show in your home closet? You know, when you decide to wear a certain pair of pants but are not sure what top to wear with them. So you try on two tops, neither of which seem to work with the pants but might go with another switch to Pants 2. Your shoe selection further complicates things because Pants 2 are the wrong length. Alas, you spot a dress that is the absolute answer- hallelujah! (I sang that with a little jingle!) But the dress doesn't fit quite the way you remember and yada, yada, yada... the fashion show goes on.

We understand the home fashion show scenario! What if we told you there is a simple solution? Drum roll please...scarves! Scarves can turn conundrums into no-brainers. Basics plus a scarf and you're out the door. The Poshettes subscribe to the idea that a good scarf can solve fashion woes and reduce the time you spend s t a r i n g into your closet. (My husband knows this routine very well, he's actually making jokes about it now...not really funny.)

You'll almost always see one of us at The Posh Pineapple wearing a scarf. And customers frequently ask us about our scarves and how to wear them. We have become proficient at styling and happily will show you some some ideas. Margie had a ball doing this photo shoot and would love to model some of these "designs" at The Posh!

Scarf Styling at The Posh Pineapple

We just got in a ton of scarves and they are sprinkled around the store. This new shipment has beautiful color combos and cute prints including starfish and chevrons. There are infinity scarves, too! So, come in and get ready...we will have you sashaying in no time!


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