Peace Love and Posh Pineapple

Introducing the newest Posh Pineapple t-shirt design...available soon!

Hey there! It's t-shirt time! To my surprise, customers kept asking us if we sold Posh Pineapple t-shirts. I had shirts made for the Poshettes to wear in the store, but I never thought about doing t-shirts to sell! Every time we wore one of our "uniform" shirts, people asked about buying one. With all the requests...we decided to give it a whirl!

So, I asked my friend, Cynthia, to wave her magic wand and whip up a Posh design. She is very talented and does graphic design on the side. I always love everything she does. She came up with this design and the Poshettes loved it!

Now I had to decide what kind of shirt to do. To be honest, this has been the hardest decision I have made with the whole Posh Pineapple adventure. Can you believe it? Something as simple as a t-shirt...hard! What style would people want? Fitted or not, V neck or round, etc. I started asking friends and the answers were varied. Sigh...that didn't help. I don't want to do a ton of different style shirts. I just want to do one, maybe two. So, I tried to narrow it down to what the majority said. Hopefully my "market research" pays off. If not, the Poshettes' families will have Posh sleep shirts!

Then I pondered over what colors would be most popular...that was much easier. Final decisions were took me a month! The shirts are in production now and will hit the floor as soon as we get them! They will also be sold on our website. We will post them on our social media as soon as they are available! You'll have to let us know what you think! I hope everyone has an upcoming week of peace, love and posh!

Have fun,

PS - And here's a secret...we already have 2 more designs in the line up. If you like these, we will roll the other ones out. They are super cute, too! Stay tuned...


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