Spartina Flagship Store

Sharon and Cheryl visited Spartina's flagship store near Daufuskie Island, South Carolina.

Hey there! My mother and I have been visiting Savannah for years. It's such a historic, beautiful city! We always go to the Historic Savannah Theatre to enjoy it's lively show (we've actually been called out of the audience before to be a part of the show..a small part, but yet...a part! And BTW...that's embarrassing!) Anyway, there's always The Olde Pink House that is superb for dining. We usually do dinner there. :) With so much to do in the city, we always find new adventures.

On a recent trip, my Aunt Dayle was with us and we decided to take a little road trip over to Daufuskie Island, near Hilton Head, SC. We couldn't wait to get there because it is home to one of our favorite lines at The Posh Pineapple...Spartina 449. Their flagship store is on a quaint and charming little downtown street surrounded by boutiques, restaurants, benches and trees. We had a lot of fun going in and out of the eclectic shops and talking to people. We all left with bags of goodies!

If you love Spartina, you would have felt like you were in heaven! We were greeted when we first entered the store by a friendly, smiling face. Beautiful fabrics and patterns were everywhere! Their jewelry is so pretty, it called my name from every direction. The store is in an old house, so there are rooms and rooms of bags, jewelry and other accessories... all Spartina! The store was inviting, there were beautiful colors on the walls (yes, I look at everything!), each item was neat and tidy on the shelf and it was just a dream to be there. We had fun looking around and being surrounded by it all. We left wanting one of everything!

I love Spartina for many reasons. From a shopper's point of view, it's all super cute, the patterns are classic and trendy, the jewelry is also classic and trendy, it's sold at a great price point (yay!) and you get compliments when you carry one of the bags or wear the jewelry or scarves (another yay!). From a boutique owner's view, all of the same reasons above and women of all ages love it. Probably the best thing about them is they are a wonderful company to work with. They sincerely care about their customers, their retailers and their product line. They stand behind their product and I have enjoyed carrying the line at The Posh.

Their new collection for fall and winter is called Passage to Savannah. All of the new patterns are inspired by and named after Savannah. You will have a hard time deciding which is your favorite...the Juliette, Madison, Ellis Square or Telfair. Good luck deciding! I love them all!

We have all these patterns and more at The Posh! Handbags, totes, wallets, wristlets, key chains...we have them! We also have lots of their jewelry. Stop in and preview it for yourself! We are excited about two new collections for Spartina...they will be here soon! Stay tuned!

See you at The Posh!

PS - If you have Spartina in your closet, tell us about it in the comments below!


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