Bracelets made in Nepal

Colorful beaded bracelets are fun to wear and help the people of Nepal.

Nemaste, The news of the earthquake in Nepal made me stop and pray for all those who were affected by the tragedy. How devastating. I was glad to hear that despite extensive damage, experts say the number of casualties in many villages was lower than feared because people were working outdoors when the quake struck..

We have beaded bracelets at The Posh Pineapple that are handcrafted by the village women in Nepal. Proceeds from purchases of the bracelets help to improve the lives of the people there. We love being a part of that.

The women artisans design and crochet each bracelet bead by bead. They work in the comfort of their homes and in the sunshine on their rooftop decks with their families nearby. Positive energy and some of the world's finest glass and sterling silver beads go into the fairly traded bracelets. Each one is unique and there are no two alike! And as you can see, they are beautiful!

Women of all ages come in and sift through our big silver bowl of the beautiful beaded bracelets! They make piles...narrowing it down to a few to choose from. Sometimes taking as long as 30 minutes to decide. The Poshettes love when you all come in and go through them. Every time I look through the bowl, I see some I swear I haven't seen before!

They are one of the most comfortable bracelets you will ever wear. They roll on your wrist. You barely know they are there! You can wear them alone or stacked up your arms, mixing all of the colors. There are a couple young ladies (you know who you are) who have more of them than they can count!

So, come in and check out these bracelets! Remember, every purchase helps the families of Nepal. And as the saying goes...every little bit helps!

I hope you have a colorful week!

PS - We just got in 200 more of these bracelets in yesterday! Talk about a party in a bowl!!


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