The Posh Pineapple team dinner

Pictured: Me, Megan, Margie, Mary, Marnie and Sue! (Yes...the M's keep us tongue tied!)

Hola! The Poshettes hit the town the other night to celebrate some birthdays (Margie's, Maddy's and Stephanie's) and Mary's departure to Australia where she will be studying for this semester. We planned this outing last minute, so most were able to attend. As usual, there is never a dull moment when we all get together!

We decided to go to a restaurant on Flagler Avenue where the atmosphere is fun and the food and service are good. We started laughing the minute everyone got there. We relaxed and laughed over dinner (and drinks!). We ate I don't know how many baskets of chips...and bowls and bowls of salsa. Did I mention how much we laughed? My cheeks hurt by the end of the night from smiling so much!

We always have fun together! Whether it's at the store joking about whether it's too early to open our huge bag of M&Ms (you know the one!) or a spur of the moment dinner out...these ladies are thoughtful, generous and usually quite an amusing bunch! I am honored to know them all.

Bottom line...I love these ladies! They are wonderful women and I am thankful to call them my dear friends. I am extremely grateful that they spend their time being Poshettes. The Posh Pineapple would not be the same without them!

Thanks to everyone who emailed me or stopped by The Posh to tell us how much you loved the Pineapple Cheese Casserole recipe! It is always a hit! And a couple of you said you were bringing me recipes of your own to try...Please do, I can't wait! Anyone have a fabulous margarita or cheese dip recipe? I would love it if you would share it below!

Enjoy your week!

PS - Margie and Megan have been busy getting new products on our website...check them out here!



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