All proceeds from our new t-shirts will benefit the Ascherl family whose home burned earlier this month. I knew opening The Posh Pineapple would be fun and introduce me to new people. It has been such a great experience for many reasons, but the best is...I have met some wonderful people. That has been my absolute favorite part of this journey. I truly love what I do!

Life is good in NSB charity

Not too long after we opened, I met Jill. She came into The Posh frequently to shop and one day told me if we ever needed any part time help, to let her know. "I would love to be a Poshette!", she said with a big smile.

The day came when we could use another friendly face and I thought of Jill. She was fun, loved The Posh and was always smiling! She started working a shift or two a week. In addition to another part time job she was working at the time, she is a wife and mother of three boys!

Jill loves to bake and was always making goodies for her family. The Poshettes were lucky enough to share in some of those non fattening (ha ha) treats! From cupcakes with surprise Oreo bottoms to peanut butter and chocolate bars (my fav!) for my birthday, we always looked forward to Jill walking in the door with a covered plate or plastic container full of delish!

Jill ended up landing a full time job that she was very excited about. She didn't have extra time for her Posh part time fun, but still comes in to spread her cheer! On May 6th, the Ascherl family home started on fire and burned. I texted Jill as soon as I found out and couldn't fathom what the family was going through. Not only did they lose clothing, furniture and personal family pieces, they lost their beloved yellow lab, Daisy. Thankfully, the family was all at work or school, so they were ok.

The Posh Pineapple has designed a new t-shirt made especially for the Ascherl family. It quotes something I have heard Jill say a thousand times, and I can see her face right now as I write this..."Life is good!" She always says it as if she is counting her blessings right then and there. And always with a big smile on her face. So naturally, these words had to be on the shirt. We also dotted one of the i's with a daisy, in honor of Daisy.

We have the shirts in women's and men's sizes. All proceeds from the sales of the t-shirts will go directly to the Ascherls to help them rebuild their lives. Stop into The Posh today or order yours online at . We can't wait to see what the first thing Jill bakes in her new kitchen once they rebuild their home.

I hope everyone has a "Life is Good" kind of day!

P.S. Be sure to share this with your friends you think would want to help!


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