I love every page of this book! Happy Easter! I have always loved books! When I was little, I wanted to be a librarian (the list was long, but a librarian was on it!). I took my own books and index cards and created my own library...including a card catalog and check out cards. You know, the normal things you would find in a library. I invited my friends in the neighborhood to "check out" whatever books they wanted from my personal collection. I would hand write the "due date" in the back of the book on the index card I had glued in. I didn't actually have many takers, but it was fun setting it up! I never became a librarian, but I still love books.

The Posh Pineapple has a beautiful collection of inspirational books. I love it when people are in the store and they read them, usually looking for the perfect gift. I've heard people laugh and I've seen people cry. The books are magical...they say just the right things and the pictures are perfect. The readers always walk out with at least one book, usually more.

The books are all good, but for today...this one is my favorite. It's titled Let Your Spirit Soar, by M. H. Clark. The colorful cover and touching title are what attracted me to it originally. After I read the first page, I was in love!

Just listen to this..."You have a gift to give. It doesn't take lots of time or extra money or concentrated effort, because that gift is a simple one, and you give it every day. That gift is your spirit--the brightest and truest part of you. You give of your spirit when you make time for delight, when you cherish yourself and the people you love, and when you see wonder in the everyday. You give of your spirit when you bring out the best in yourself, when you let yourself play, and when you revel in the present. And every time your spirit shows, you give a gift of brightness and warmth. You illuminate the world. So give that gift. Elevate your spirit. Turn your light on."

Oh. My. Goodness! That is the first page! These words are inspiring, powerful and beautiful. We all do have the gift of our spirit. We just need to remember that and turn our lights on.

The book is filled with positive thoughts. Each page has a different message. It's a perfect BFF, graduation or birthday gift! Or a maybe an addition to your own "library" (no card catalog or index cards needed!)

Have a prayerful and blessed Easter,

PS - I hope you find the golden egg! And here's one more quote from the book..."Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons." Love!!


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