The Posh Pineapple buying girl scout cookies

Kalie Jade brings big smiles to The Posh Pineapple with her Girl Scout delivery!

Hello! It's Girl Scout cookie time! This time of year always brings back fond memories. I always wanted to be a Girl Scout when I was little, but there was no troop in my class. When my daughter, Ashley, was in kindergarten, I was unexpectedly asked to organize a new troop and be a leader. Finally, a Girl Scout!

Cookie time was always fun for the girls. Not only did they all love cookies and their colorful boxes, they learned about how to approach people and sell, how to save fundraising monies and watch their troop account grow and how to budget and spend their earnings on fun trips camping every year. It was a great learning experience for them! Of course, we also went to Savannah one year to visit The Juliette Gordon Low home (she founded Girl Scouts in 1912). That was a memorable trip, the mothers all went, too, so there were 32 of us! These trips were made possible because of cookie sales.

I loved everything about being a leader. I learned as much from the girls as they learned from me. I started with 8 girls in kindergarten and had as many as 21 in the second grade! Believe it or not, when they graduated high school, the troop still had 8 girls...actually they were young women. I was honored to watch them grow from little 5 and 6 year olds into beautiful, young, independent women.

I love when I see Girl Scout Cookie Time roll around each year. I remember my girls and the fun we had and think of the cute little smiling faces in front of me asking me if I want to buy cookies. I hope their journey is as fun and memorable as I hope my girls had.

The cookies really do put a smile on everyone's face! When Kalie Jade came into The Posh Pineapple selling cookies, I was so happy! It was hard to choose which cookies to buy (hello, I love them all!) so I bought some of each! Yummmm....but they were not all for my hips, I shared them with the Poshettes, sent some to my children in college and we are serving them in The Posh to our customers (who are leaving quite happy, I must say!). So stop in this week and sample some for yourself!

Which is your favorite cookie?

Have a great week,

PS - And hopefully you'll be approached by a smiling Girl Scout with cookies to sell!


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