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Pretty and whimsical paper items make writing fun!

Hey there! I have always loved paper. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved note cards, journals, stationary, greeting cards...even colored index cards and post it notes! There's something about the paper, I'm not sure what it is. It may be because it's a blank slate for one's thoughts or doodles. It may be because of the quality and/or color of the piece. Regardless, I have drawers of it. Drawers. And I think it's safe to say...I will probably be buying more before I need it.

Why do I have all of that paper? Several good reasons...notes, lists and more notes and lists! And...I want it. Most people don't write notes anymore. It's seems it's a lost art. My mother taught me the importance of writing thank you notes. Of course, they had to be on pretty or cute paper. A note on anything else would just be boring. I still write them (and yay! my children do, too!)

Whether it's a chore or grocery list, we all know it's more fun to work from a list on pretty paper. And then there is the accomplishment of crossing something off of this pretty paper list! I love to do that! Anything that doesn't get crossed off, goes on to the next sheet of pretty paper!

We have lots of whimsical and pretty note cards and journals at The Posh Pineapple. We also have some great greeting card lines. From funny cards for your friends to black and white cards that are more'll love our selection. When people come in and make a bee line for the back of the store, we know where they are headed. To shop for cards. We love to hear them laugh out loud or just keep a continual smile on their face while perusing the cards. We've had people buy them to frame, they like them so much!

One of my favorite things in our stationary department is our composition books. They all have inspiring quotes and pretty graphics on their covers. I love them all, but this one is colorful and always catches my eye "She's real without even trying, and that right there is natural beauty". I love that.

Anyone else have the same obsession for paper? Whether you do or not, we have a great selection...and be prepared to smile when you see them all!

I hope you have a Posh week!

PS - BTW, thanks to all who have complimented me on the blog. It's nice to know people are actually reading it! Sometimes when there are no comments....I wonder! Thanks!


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