A few years ago, my good friend, Diana, gave me a candle for Christmas. Admittedly, I am a candle freak...I mean...person. Seriously, I light them all the time. I already had a closet full of candles...there really wasn't room on the shelf for another.

You may be wondering why I had so many. Well, there was something I liked about them all...the color, the scent or the size. I like having a variety of candles, because we entertain a lot and I always decorate (of course!) for the occasion. I like to mix and match candles with other accessories and I need candle options!

So, when I unwrapped this candle, I thought, "Yay, another candle for my collection!" I thought I would burn it for a week or so (you know, to test it out) and either it would be completely gone or I could retire it to the closet to pull out when an occasion arose.

The fragrance was yummy! All I did was open the lid on the jar and wham! a burst of wonderfulness! I didn't even really need to light the candle to get the scent...it was that good! At night, I love the flickering light of a candle, and this candle surprised me. I've already mentioned that the smell was fabulous, and since it was the first burn, I only let it melt until I had a wax pool across the top and then blew it out. I thought, "I am saving this candle!" It was special. The smell lingered in the room for hours.

The scent needed to be shared when company was at our home. Sometimes I would just open the lid and not light the wick...just let the fragrance escape out of the jar...(that's the thrifty side of me, don't light the candle and still get the scent. Deal!)

When I was selecting things that I wanted The Posh Pineapple to carry, I knew I wanted a variety of eclectic product lines. I searched for things that would be different from the ordinary, catch people's eye and wanted items that people would love for themselves or to give friends and loved ones. Of course, there was no question there would be candles at The Posh!

As I started looking for candle lines that would meet my standards, I remembered the candle that Diana gave me. It was not stored on my candle shelf, but was awarded a spot on the dresser in my guest room. I wasn't sure which candle line it was. I had never seen it before.

Upon further investigation, I learned that it was made by Tyler Candle Company from Tyler, Texas. The name of the fragrance was Diva...Diva? Hello, with a name like that, I should have known I would love the candle! (And then I started to wonder why Diana chose this candle for me. I would chat with her about that later!)

This, my friends, is why The Posh Pineapple carries an extensive line of Tyler Candles. They are handmade of soy wax, are clean burning, fragrant and long lasting. There are so many scents, it's usually hard for people to pick a favorite. I love them all, but I guess if I had to pick one, it would be Fleur de lis. It's actually our top selling fragrance in the store because we are usually burning it and people love it. Tyler's top three selling fragrances are Diva (yay!), High Maintenance and French Market. All are delish.

One thing I was surprised about was how many women came into the Posh and got excited when they saw the large black Tyler Candle case. They actually knew about Tyler?! I thought I was the candle queen, and I had never heard of it.

Turns out, Tyler Candle Company doesn't do any paid advertising. They are sold in boutiques and have slowly made their way into Florida. According to my sales rep, the owner of Tyler is a little old fashioned. He likes word of mouth advertising and has been growing his business only through sales reps. I like that! And I love that they are made in the USA and aren't very well known.

In addition to candles, we also carry Tyler's line of Reed Diffusers, Sachets, Gift Sets, Glamour Do, Auto Glam, Mixer Melts and my mother's favorite...Glamour Wash (oh so wonderful to use on your sheets and towels!).

I must say, I love all the candles we offer, but Tyler holds a special place in my heart and home! I am wondering how many of you have Tyler candles at home. Maybe your own Diva in a jar? I would love to know how you found out about them and which one is your favorite. Comment below to share your very own Tyler talk!


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