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The Posh Pineapple birthday celebration

The Poshettes had lots of laughs celebrating Marnie's ?0th birthday! (From left to right - Margie, Sharon, Marnie, Ashley, me, Miles, Sue and Megan)

Well hello! Someone asked me the other day why I haven't been blogging and as I started to explain, I realized just how busy life has been lately. All fun stuff, but there's been no time to blog! So, I thought I would share this Poshette outing with you...

I have known Marnie since we were in 6th grade! She and I went to the same middle and high schools, both graduated from UCF, got married months apart, lived in the same neighborhoods...twice, had children at the same time and now she is our bookkeeper at The Posh Pineapple. It is really fun seeing one of your best friends almost every day!

We celebrated her ?0th birthday this month at one of her favorite restaurants. She has informed me that she does not like the number, so...as a friend...I am leaving it out. Also has a friend, I told her to "celebrate the number". I recently had celebrated the same number and am continuing to celebrate it. Why not?

Anyways, I love it when the Poshettes get together outside of work. We always laugh and have a good time when we are working at The Posh, but when we all get together outside of the store, it's even more fun! I love listening to the ladies chat about personal things and laugh about silly things. There were even some belly laughs when the Sake came out! (Um, that's classified info.)

I hope everyone is enjoying your summer with family, friends and the sunshine. Come see us at the Posh!

P.S. I hope you celebrate your number, whatever it is!
P.S.S. Look at Megan, isn't she beautiful at 8 months pregnant? And so is her little 5 year old boy, Miles!

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