Megan's Baby Shower

Megan's baby shower was so much fun! Hello! The Poshettes have been having fun watching Megan's belly grow and are anxiously anticipating the arrival of baby Maddox! She has been feeling great and just recently said, "I don't think there's any more room in there!". She still carries the baby all in the front, just like a basketball. So cute!

We had a baby shower to celebrate. It's been years since I have hosted a shower. I did what every good hostess does, scoured Pinterest for all the new, fresh ideas. The theme was elephants and there were a lot of cute ideas for that theme! We all gathered on a Sunday afternoon and had fun chatting about the baby's room, how Megan has been feeling and hearing stories about her 5 year old's vision of the new baby. We ate a delicious meal and then the games began!

We passed around a skeen of beautiful, soft blue yarn and tried to guess the right length to go around Megan's bump. We cut it to the size we thought would wrap around her belly once. I must say, I know she is little, but my string wrapped around her a time and a half! Sorry Meg! Marnie was right on the money, her string was the perfect length.

Other games included passing a small blow up pineapple around when Megan opened something blue. You were supposed to pass it two people to the left. I started with it in my lap and after about the third gift, all of which was blue, I realized I was holding the pineapple and hadn't passed it. Oh no! I messed up my own game! We laughed and started the passing. Stephanie ended up with the pineapple in the end, so she was the winner!

The final game (not sure why I thought we needed more...) was guessing how many peanuts (you know to go with the elephant theme) were in a gorgeous large jar tied with s blue ribbon tied at the neck. The total was 414 peanuts, which surprised us all! It didn't seem like that many. Megan's mother, Laura, ended up with with the closest guess.

The winners all walked away with a mason jar filled with blue foiled Hershey's kisses. Non fattening, of course! The gifts included a car seat, lots of the smallest clothes ever, a grocery cart seat liner (why didn't they have those when my kids were young?) and other goodies that I'm sure will come in handy. Every time we could all see what Megan was opening, there was a low "Awwwww" coupled with smiles. The clothes were so stinking cute! It's hard to remember, or even imagine, a little peanut being that small.

We ended the afternoon with delicious cake and mini desserts. Yum! We also had pastel peanut M&Ms to snack on. It's kind of a secret, but we always have a large bag of peanut M&Ms in the back at the Posh. Our theory is a handful a day won't hurt you.

If you're in the area, stop by to see Megan this week. It's her last until she meets her precious new little one. She will be out for 8 weeks and then will come back to work part time. Our Posh family will miss her while she is out on maternity!

Have a great week!

P.S. Keep your eye on our social media, we will post baby pics as soon as we get them!


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