Most of you have seen from our social media posts that Cheryl and Susan were away at market last week. We’re all very excited about what they ordered! We wanted to give you a little behind the scenes of what goes on at market! It is truly shop til you drop!

They arrived in Atlanta Monday, ready to take on the week! With multiple floors and thousands of vendors to choose from they focused on clothing which will be going in our Posh expansion. Here’s how it works! The brand rep brings out a selection of clothing one at a time, let's say a blouse, hangs up the selection of colors so you can see their options and get a sense of the quality. If you like what you see you then choose which colors you’d like to purchase, they scan it for you and order them on the spot! The same process happens again and again for sweaters, blouses, pants, and more! Some showrooms you shop right from the rack like a normal store. You select the items you like and the vendor takes them and processes your order. Sounds fun right?!

So, it’s safe to say clothing is en route to The Posh! We think you’re going to love the selection! They break up the clothing at market by seasons. Since we’re expecting to open our new addition in early fall, we’ll have fall clothing styles available. Most of the vendors only cut so much clothing, so we have to estimate how much to order on the spot since we usually won’t be able to order anymore. It truly will be a unique selection!

We are so excited to get the Posh expansion open and can’t wait to share with all of you the new products we’ll have! Keep up with our Instagram and Facebook posts, you might get a sneak peek at some clothing and have an opportunity to buy before we’re fully open 😉

If you’re not already, follow us! As always, have a Posh day!!


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