The heat has been blazing on since May when we shared our Beat The Heat blog post featuring a delicious drink recipe and awesome products to help keep you cool. As the heat continues into summer, we thought we’d do another but with a different spin. If you’re like any of us, you’re always toting your 4-legged friends around with you! To the beach, park, and even on the boat. That’s why this week we’re sharing some frozen treat recipes that will help keep them cool and some products every pet lover will need!

These recipes are super simple! The first only needs three ingredients. Strawberries, blueberries, and yogurt. Simply scatter your strawberries and blueberries into your ice tray or dog treat mold, spoon in yogurt over the top, filling evenly, and smoothing the top. Make sure there’s no air bubbles in the tray and they’re ready to hit the freezer. They should be good to go after about 5 hours! The next recipe is even easier! Do you have any leftover chicken broth in your fridge? (any broth will work!) Simply pour some of that into your ice tray or dog treat mold and freeze! Makes a delicious and easy treat for your pup! Let us know how your pup likes them in the comments below!

We always have the cutest products for pet lovers! Here are a couple of our favorite. The Dogs Welcome (People Tolerated) Doormat is a must for anyone who favors their 4-legged friends over their 2-legged friends. Only $29!

Save a spot on the couch with the Reserved For The Dog Pillow. Only $37! These make a great gift for that Dog Mom or Dog Dad in your life.

We hope you and your fur baby stay cool in this heat! As always, have a Posh Day!

P.S. Stay tuned for new products! Cheryl and Susan left for another market trip today!


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