To market, to market we go! Hey Everyone! We have been so busy at The Posh Pineapple! The holidays were lots of fun with all the activities on Canal Street (my fav was Girls Night Out!). We loved seeing all of the smiling shoppers that came through our doors.

Once December was over, I could concentrate on going to Atlanta and attending the Market! I look forward to the trip all year. This year, 3 Poshettes went with me...Sue, Marnie and Cynthia. They have been with The Posh since the very beginning and have helped me do whatever I needed to do throughout my Posh journey. Each has been a friend of mine for many years. We loaded my car and barely fit everything in. As you can see from the picture...there was not much extra room. We had stuff at our feet and in between us in the seats, too.

We arrived in Atlanta with great excitement and couldn't wait to see what goodies we would find in the days ahead. The trip was lots of fun! Well, actually we didn't start having fun until after the first day. We spent the first night in the hotel and found out the next morning that we only had our hotel for one more night. WHAT?? I booked the reservations a year ago and have confirmed them many times....It's worth saying again..."WHAT?? Are you serious?" I asked the polite young man at the registration desk at the hotel. "Yes ma'am", his voice quivered as he tried to be professional while he told 4 ladies they had no hotel rooms for the next 4 nights.

I had him look for the reservation with all my name, my name with "Mrs." in front of it, my phone number..."How else can you look up a reservation? It has to be there! I confirmed it numerous times!" The very long story kept short is no, no and NO. They didn't have room for us and we found out that 75 other people who were in the same situation. UGH!

So, we all waived our magic wands and lucked out on one hotel room a mile out of town. Luckily, it was a suite, so we had room to spread out. I'll tell you, I do believe everything happens for a reason. The good that came out of that situation was that we had a slumber party for 4 nights. Four women, two beds, a pull out couch and one bathroom. It was a blast. We told stories, drank wine in our pajamas and laughed until we couldn't catch our breath. We literally fell asleep each night with someone giggling. It was like chicken soup for all of our souls.

We were actually there to shop. And that is what we did. We shopped until we dropped...every day. We were at the market by 8:45 each morning and left at 6:00 pm. After walking for miles (I'm serious) shopping all day, we would walk to a nearby restaurant and then get back to our hotel. Our daily schedule was eat, shop, eat, shop, eat, sleep....repeat tomorrow! We. loved. it!

We found some exciting new things. Unique home decor, fun accessories, yummy fragrances, some beautiful jewelry and, you know I'm a bag lady, some fantastic bags! I can't wait for you to see the new umbrellas we found! Every area of The Posh Pineapple will be welcoming new products. We are having to mark things down to make room in the store. So hurry in to take advantage of the sale items!

People usually ask me what my favorite thing is about market. I love it all, but I would have to say my favorite thing is meeting people. It's the products, too, but I especially love being introduced to the people with small businesses. I love working with them for many reasons, but mostly because they are family owned and run. They really care about their customers and their products. I love buying things they have created and built a business around. And some of them become friends. Love!

Check out the pictures of the display demonstrating Pantone's new colors of the year. They are Serenity and Rose Quartz. The blue is a cooler tranquil blue and the rose is a warmer embracing rose tone. The display was simply beautiful and the colors are gorgeous together! I wanted to curl up on that chair and just sit awhile. It just looked so inviting!

The Posh Pineapple at Atlanta Market

New things have already started rolling into the store! We love hearing the back door bell ring because we know it's going to be a delivery of some sort! I post new things each day on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow us for the latest and greatest!

I hope you have a warm and wonderful week!

PS - Be sure to come in and check out our new jewelry. We bought so much of it, we had to stash it in and all around the spare tire in the back of my car. The valet guy helping us load the car just laughed. :)


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