I love finding old treasures...this one holds special place in my heart! Hey Everyone! I was recently going through some old things, cleaning things out and I came across one of my favorite Valentine's. I had forgotten about it, but it brought a smile to my face immediately. It was a small, handwritten piece of paper that said, "A pass to get into Ashley's room"! And then underlined (as if there were more of these passes going out) "Mom's pass" was written with a heart for the "o" in Mom. I wasn't actually sure if she meant to make it a heart, but that's what I went with. It was Valentine's Day!

Long Lost Valentine's Day note

I'm not sure how old Ashley was when she wrote this, I'm thinking she was about 4th grade. She was always so sweet and now she's 21 today and still is my sweet little girl!

I kept my "pass" posted at my desk for a long time (you know, just in case I needed it) and then finally put it in a box of treasures. I still love all of the trinkets in that box. But this handwritten note on this little piece of paper was my favorite...I think I will keep it a little while longer.

I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with love!

PS - We have some great new things that have just arrived at The Posh, come in and say hello! ;)


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