Sea Soul Journal

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Calling on the 'Blue Mind' benefits of the sea and using mindful practices alongside empowering nature rituals, this guided journal provides a space to calm the mind and to reflect, helping stimulate self-knowledge, create intuitive flow to prompt transformation.

An inspiring and empowering journal for Sea lovers. A compassionate guide to awakening the wisdom of the ocean within and charting a fresh path towards a bright new horizon. Pippa's words and prose bring the healing power of the ocean to life's challenges through Ocean stories, journaling prompts, evocative water rituals and simple mindful practices to support your mind, body and soul - all inspired by the ocean.

The journal uses the four stages of the tides: High, Ebbing, Low and Rising as a framework to represent four Ocean themes; Self-Compassion, Letting Go, Moving Forward, and Gratitude & Awe. Within each theme, you will find simple activities for you to follow to help activate your 'blue mind'.

Use this journal to create insightful moments of 'blue mind' peace in your day, and to seek out greater self-compassion, gratitude and awe. Be inspired to dive into your intuition, to release what no longer serves you, and to build the momentum and inner resources you need to move forward towards your dreams each day, wave by wave. You don't need to be by the water to use this journal: let it bring the ocean to you when you need it most. And let your journey onwards be guided by the sea.