Five Nautical Notes Book

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 The big concert is coming and Shark finds himself all alone. Where has everyone gone? Toddlers will love to touch the silicone sound buttons and hear the sounds of this ocean orchestra.   

 * Touch the sound button and hear the turtle play guitar, the crab play the maracas, the shark sing, and more in this interactive children's book.   

* Fun nautical story about friendship and music.   

* Interactive fun and tactile learning in this children's book will engage young readers.  

 * Sound buttons are in the shapes of animal heads. Touch to hear them. 

  * Features colorful, original illustrations of popular underwater creatures playing your favorite instruments in this baby board book.   

* Add a new baby book to a child's library today!  Illustrated by Clare Fennel.   

 Book Details   

* Board Book with silicone sound buttons  

 * 10 Pages   

* 8.25 inches x 8.25 inches  

 * Recommended for ages 3 and up