It’s been a while since we shared our exciting news about the Posh Addition! It’s time for an update! A lot of hard work has been going on. We’re here to give you another inside look at the project and share the biggest updates that have been completed!

First off, we have our temporary wall. Some of you may remember a few weeks back we were closed on a Wednesday so the crew could come in and build the temporary wall. This was built so we could stay open while they work next door. We had to move everything off the wall and rearrange some of the store, but when it was all said and done most people hardly notice it! Once that was in place the crew made the opening that connects the store. It’s a 22-foot opening! And added the steel beams to keep the building supported. We think they’re beautiful, but that may be because we waited so long to get them! The other updates include all new AC, plumbing, and they’ve started on the frame work. This week they start on the roof!

We’re hoping now that most of the major updates are completed the next steps will fly by! Of course, we will keep you posted! There will continue to be some of your usual construction noise when you visit us so please excuse the commotion. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe for updates! We’ll have another inside look soon! As always, have a Posh day!


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  • Lynn Lusher: May 31, 2019
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    Can’t wait for our annual NSB visit. I love to browse and do my Christmas shopping.

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