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Mud Pie new product

A variety of fun wraps keep things fresh, personalized and fun! Hey there! Everyone loves pillows! Whether they are on the couch, in a comfy chair, on your bed, or thrown on the floor...pillows invite people to get comfortable. They can add a pop of fun and a soft texture to the room. We layer them, we stack them, we love them!

Mudpie Pillows

When Mudpie came out with their burlap pillows and a variety of wraps for them, I thought they were a match made in heaven! What a one or two pillows and then you can get creative with a variety of fun wraps! The wraps use velcro to keep them in place. So, they are easy to change. You just choose your wrap and change it with the season or your mood, which could be once a month or once a choose!

My personal favorite is the one that says "Beach". When I see it, I think of relaxing on the sand, watching the surf and just chilling out. People have bought them to take back north because "it's a little piece to remember NSB". The initial wraps are also popular and make great wedding or anniversary gifts!

Come into The Posh and check them out for yourself! New wraps have just been introduced in coastal, football, family and holiday themes! So, your one little burlap pillow can constantly be updated! We love having options, don't we?

Have a Posh week,

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