As most of you know our sweet mural is coming down this week! We’re so sad to see it go but also very excited because it means that we’re one step closer to opening our Posh Addition!

Many of you may not know the story behind the pineapple mural, so here it is! It was painted by Sara Grace aka SG Under the Sea, a Poshette that pops in to help over the summer and during the holidays. You can even find some of her artwork for sale at The Posh from time to time! She painted this amazing mural right on the glass. We needed a way to conceal the magic that’s happening inside our addition and something more fun than brown paper. Yes, there’s been a party going on behind it this whole time!! It’s time for it to come down because they’re replacing our windows and since the mural is painted on the glass itself, we’re having to say goodbye. It seems as though the pineapple mural has inspired some others, there are a few that have popped up on Canal Street since ours! We hope this trend continues because we really love what they bring to the street!

We’ve really enjoyed watching people take their pictures in front of it! For those of you who shared them with us on social media, we made this video to share with you! We hope you enjoy!!


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  • JUdy OSborn: July 22, 2020
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    LOVE the video and music! Please update my new email, I don’t want to miss any of y’alls posts or emails. Ca love the Posh from afar!!

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